Custom Builds and Services

Price Guide and Services

Build fee will be $175. This includes gathering parts list, assembly of PC and installation of windows and drivers.

All PC's are assembled by CompTIA A+ certified builders.


25% is required as a down payment before any parts are ordered to begin the build. This is non-refundable if you decide to not go ahead with the build after parts have been purchased.

Pictures will be taken of new builds to showcase on website unless specifically asked not to.

Gaming Gear


Desktop / Laptop Upgrades :

Desktop and Laptop upgrades. Everything from a new platform (Intel, AMD) to ram and power supply upgrades

OS Installation : 

This includes a fresh installation of Windows 10/11 Pro, as well as the activation key if needed. Also we will format any additional drives within the PC that do not have windows installed on them.

Software Installation / Virus Removal :

This will include special software installation and virus removal. Usually good to perform on a regular basis. Custom software is usually paired with a fresh install of Windows 10/11.

Desktop / Laptop Cleaning :

This service will include cleaning up any loose cables as well as dust and dirt build up within your case. 

* New parts needed are an additional cost *